Aurlink is a comprehensive suite of advanced technical methods, routines, and protocols designed as a functional layer, leveraging the latest technologies. 

This robust product seamlessly integrates into existing software, products, and projects, anchored in technologies like Augmented Reality, WIFI, RFI, Bluetooth, Virtual Reality, GPS, and VCS. It utilizes cutting-edge cross-platform development environments such as Unity 3D and native frameworks for diverse mobile devices, with a focus on developing components and plugins for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and more.


Aurlink ensures seamless integration into existing systems, offering new options and resources to enhance functionality. It includes a customized CRM engine with high-performance algorithms, catering to managing customer preferences and behaviors.


Ready to GO!


Aurlink is ready to go, offering a seamless integration of advanced technologies into your existing systems. Whether you’re in retail, certification of customer presence, enhancing online security, or boosting tourism, Aurlink provides powerful solutions and tools to expand your business opportunities. With features such as an optimized CRM, augmented reality, and data-driven insights, Aurlink is primed to empower your functionality and introduce new features. Ready to embark on this innovative journey? Contact us to schedule a demo session or request more information. Let’s make your vision a reality!


RetailAR is all set and ready to go, serving as a complete development solution tailored for the Retail Sector. It seamlessly integrates into your existing system, opening the doors to expanded business opportunities. Equipped with robust tools for marketing and product development, RetailAR features an integrated optimized CRM that oversees every customer transaction. The system also offers customized heat maps, ensuring it’s prepared for big data. To top it off, RetailAR includes a personalized control panel for fine-tuning and configuring campaigns and AR module behavior.

PVCT takes location verification to a higher standard. If you need to certify a customer’s physical presence or verify their geoposition, PVCT goes beyond outdated systems that rely on hackable GPS and WIFI protocols. Instead, it introduces a solution grounded in AR and customer experience within a secure and verified environment.

ARpassCode redefines the concept of a ‘2-step verification system.’ It extends beyond the ordinary, providing endless possibilities and delivering a safe and distinctive ID verification plugin for any online payment process. Your phone or device transforms into your secure ID key.

TourAR invites the public into tourism-based development with its engaging Mobile Apps designed to guide and promote tourism. Leveraging Presence Verification and Augmented Reality, TourAR enriches the tourist experience, making exploration more interactive and enjoyable.




RetailAR is exclusively tailored for businesses in the Retail Sector, offering a comprehensive suite of features:

  • Sector Specificity:

    • 100% designed to meet the unique requirements of Retail Sector businesses.
  • CRM Engine:

    • Includes a powerful CRM engine with bespoke algorithms dedicated to optimizing customer preferences and behavior management.
  • Data Connectivity:

    • Ready for seamless connection and export to Data mining/Big Data environments, facilitating predictive analysis and other directives.
  • Modules:

    • Corporate Web:

      • An online store integrated with Lauttons, a virtual company resembling a large UK-based retail giant.
    • Backend Portal:

      • Manages Aurlink modules’ configuration and parameters, serving as a tuning tool for defining physical store behavior, CRM connections, Corporate Web Online Store, and associated apps. It handles campaigns, offers, products, preferences, and more.
    • Mobile App/Tablet/Glasses:

      • Integrates an Augmented Reality Visor, connecting the virtual world to the real physical environment, whether from home or in-store. An Android demo showcases the functionality of these modules.
  • RetailAR Features:

    • Bidirectional real-time communication channel for sharing images, texts, sounds, video, etc., with any device (Glasses, Tablets, Mobiles).
    • 100% connectivity with CRM Preferences.
    • Full Privacy Friendly, avoiding invasiveness as seen with I-beacons and competitors.
    • Ready for connection and export to Data mining/Big Data environments, collecting customer behavior for predictive analysis and KPI evaluation.
    • Applied gamification strategies to promote customer loyalty, guiding their paths in-store.
    • Provides heat maps and behavior statistics.
    • Serves as an identity and unambiguous presence verifier based on device security level.
    • Ensures a secure process for prepay, credit, and payment using payment gateways like PayPal.
    • Accurate indoor positioning for customers.
    • Offers a path guide service from apps menu or web catalog.
    • Connects to Social Media Links / Dependencies such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Acknowledges marketing campaign data based on external media such as magazines, TV spots, and leaflets.

  • RetailAR ‘DATA’:

    • The most significant value of Augmented Reality lies not just in potential customer services but in the vast information and data the system collects and provides regarding habits, preferences, decisions, and behaviors. The system acts as a valuable resource for understanding and leveraging customer data.

PVCT (Presence Verification for Commercial Transactions)

stands out as a robust solution addressing the vulnerabilities of traditional systems:

  • Security Enhancement:

    • Acknowledges the susceptibility of WIFI and GPS position systems to frequent hacking attempts.
    • Guarantees the device’s presence in any location, whether indoor or outdoor, providing a secure and reliable solution.
    • Positioned as hard and expensive to hack, ensuring a heightened level of security.
  • Fraud Prevention:

    • Offers a quick and straightforward method for locating payment sources, effectively preventing fraudulent activities like NFC tunneling and other types of fraud.
  • User-Friendly Approach:

    • Designed to be simple and user-friendly, promoting ease of use and accessibility.
    • Ensures stability for system hosting solutions, providing a dependable platform for commercial transactions.
  • Technological Foundation:

    • Leverages Augmented Reality (AR) for enhanced security measures.
    • Incorporates an exclusive WIFI scanner algorithm, adding an additional layer of protection.
    • Adheres to high safety routines and protocols, further fortifying the system against potential threats.
  • Integration Ready:

    • Ready to be seamlessly integrated into any software application, offering flexibility and compatibility with diverse technological environments.

PVCT not only addresses the vulnerabilities of existing systems but also provides an advanced, secure, and user-friendly solution for presence verification in commercial transactions. Its integration-ready design ensures adaptability across various software applications, contributing to a safer and more reliable transaction environment.


  • Based on Aurlink, our 2 steps verification process goes further than any of our competitors.
  • Double identity check for Internet Personal Identification.
  • Your telephone/tablet/AR glasses becomes a secure ID key for your identity.
  • Quick and seamless interface for customers , hard and complex to be hacked.
  • Ready to be integrated in any web (html5, Php, etc ).
  • Less than 2 seconds to verify any Identity.
  • Easy to manage for administrators.


The TourAR module is specifically crafted to promote local businesses and enrich the tourism experience. It serves as a valuable and free tool for visitors, offering guidance to explore the area effortlessly and discover every intricate detail. Whether navigating through local attractions, historical sites, or hidden gems, TourAR aims to enhance the overall tourism experience by providing users with a user-friendly and informative guide. This module is designed to make the exploration process enjoyable, engaging, and informative for visitors, contributing to the promotion of local businesses and fostering a positive tourism environment.